Florida Weather & Seasons

Florida is known around the world for its balmy weather. The states mild winters have made it a haven for retirees. Summers can be long and hot with showers providing much appreciated relief during the rainy season. Coastal areas also experience gentle breezes during the summer.

Average Annual Temperatures:

80.5 (F) degrees (26.9 C) (North Florida)
82.7 (F) degrees (28.2 C) (South Florida)

53.0 (F) degrees (11.7 C) (North Florida)
68.5 (F) degrees (20.3 C) (South Florida)

The six-month hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30 and Floridians have learned to be ready when a storm threatens the area. More information will become available locally should a Hurricane be heading your way during your stay, keep you eye on the local news and internet. Floridians generally, stock up on Water and gas for the BBQ.  During Hurricane Matthew (due to strike on the Thursday) preparations started from Monday of that week, shops were selling out of water, so get in there early is the motto, people started leaving the area and in this case travelled west, everywhere closed from Lunch time on Thursday and we mean everywhere (Disney included - only the 4th time since it's opening is 1971, opening again on Saturday. Orlando was very lucky on this occasion, the hurricane was mainly centred around the coast as it travelled North, so apart from a small amount of clearing up e.g palm tree leaves, the area escaped unhurt.

Tree planting season in Florida (December–February)

Other Interesting Florida Facts

Number of people who move to Florida each day — 1,000

Number of major commercial airports — 19

Number of international airports — 12

Number of deepwater ports — 14

Miles of sand beaches — 1,200

Miles of coastline — 1,800

Number of golf courses — more than 1,250

  • Florida has more golf courses than any other state
  • Palm Beach County has more golf courses than any other county in the country

Number of hotel rooms in Florida — more than 370,000 (growing all the time)

Number of campgrounds — 700 (100,000 campsites)

Number of people who camp in Florida each year — 6 million

There is no official designation of a "State Motto". The motto "In God We Trust" is widely used but has never been formally adopted by the Florida Legislature.

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